What Is That Circular Structure In My Ultrasound?


  • That circle is known as the Yolk Sac (YS).
  • It is a membrane that is connected by a tube to the embryo, and acts as the start of the circulatory system.
  • The Yolk Sac also is what provides nourishment to the growing fetus until the placenta is fully formed.
  • Once the placenta is fully formed in your second trimester, the placenta takes over this role.
  • The placenta is attached to the uterine wall and is connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord.
  • It transports oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus, as well as, filters out any waste.
  • The placenta continues to grow and change in order to accommodate the fetus’s needs as the fetus becomes bigger.
  • The placenta can also help to protect the fetus from certain infections and maternal diseases.

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