How Do I Tell My Parents That I’m Pregnant?

It isn’t easy to tell your parents you’re pregnant. They might be angry or upset at the news. You’ll want to give them space to process their emotions because just as it’s hard for you, it will probably be hard for them. And, while it’s easy to assume the worst will happen, it’s been our experience that most of the time, parents ultimately respond with love and support, even if it’s hard in the beginning.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

  1. Tell them soon. The longer you wait, the harder it could be. Their support could help you through your pregnancy and the decisions you’ll need to make. Also, you don’t want them to hear you’re pregnant from someone else. They need to hear it from you.
  2. Think about the best way to tell them. We know women who have mailed their parents a letter, called them on the phone or brought them to a First Choice center to tell them. There’s no right or wrong way – just what you think will work best in your situation. However you choose to tell them, eventually you’ll want to sit down with them and take the time to talk things through. Consider their feelings and communicate your love along with your sorrow for the pain that this might cause them.
  3. Remember that this is your pregnancy. Whether or not your parents are supportive, sometimes it’s helpful to discuss your options and the resources available to you with someone besides your immediate family. This is where First Choice centers can be so helpful. With five locations, we can provide you a free ultrasound to medically confirm your pregnancy, options counseling and practical support. We would be glad for your parents to come with you to one of our centers if that’s helpful. Either way, call us at 973-840-8924 or text us at 973-532-2904. Our centers are in Jersey City, Montclair, Morristown, Newark and Plainfield. All of our services are free and we would be glad to help.
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