Ectopic Pregnancy

What is it??   An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the expected uterus. Although it can implant in various places outside of the uterus, the most common place is in the fallopian tube and it’s known as a tubal pregnancy. It occurs in 1%-2% of pregnancies. When should I be…
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Is It Possible to Have an STD and Not Know It?

After a one-night stand, summer fling, unforgettable prom night, or when a long-term partner confesses to cheating on you, you decide to check the STD symptoms on the web and are relieved to find that you don’t have any.  There is nothing obvious that would send you to the doctor.  And, since you’re sure to…
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“Can I get an STD if I’m pregnant?”

Pregnant women who are sexually active can be infected with STDs, just like women who are not pregnant. Many STDs don’t have visible symptoms, so you may be unaware you are infected. If you are pregnant, however, not only are you at risk of the harmful effects of STDs, but so is your unborn baby.…
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The Importance of Amniotic Fluid in Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, many changes occur within her body. This article describes amniotic fluid and its importance to the developing fetus. Amniotic fluid begins to form within the pregnancy after the first 12 days following conception. It is a clear/yellow fluid that has many functions. As the baby grows, the fluid increases. During…
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What Is That Circular Structure In My Ultrasound?

  That circle is known as the Yolk Sac (YS). It is a membrane that is connected by a tube to the embryo, and acts as the start of the circulatory system. The Yolk Sac also is what provides nourishment to the growing fetus until the placenta is fully formed. Once the placenta is fully…
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Zika Virus: What You Need To Know

Pregnancy Concerns:  Zika is linked to birth defects such as microcephaly. Other birth defects include eye defects, hearing loss and impaired growth. Transmission can occur by:  Being bitten by an infected mosquito. Having sex with a man infected with the virus An infected pregnant woman passing it to her fetus. Symptoms:  Fever Joint Pain Rash…
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