After Abortion Side Effects – Support in New Jersey

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health After an Abortion   Talk about it. An abortion is a heavy decision. Whether you feel immediate relief or immediate regret or something in between, talk to someone who cares and understands. We provide free after abortion support for anyone who needs a judgment-free space to talk…
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6 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health When Facing a Pregnancy Decision

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and trying to sort through your options, you might feel overwhelmed, confused about what to do, and even alone. But you’re not alone. While the rate of unintended pregnancies has improved in the last couple of decades, it still hovers around 45 percent – meaning nearly half of all…
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Emergency Contraceptives and Morning-After Pills

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex or experienced birth control failure, you may be looking for more information on morning-after pills and emergency contraception to prevent a possible pregnancy.  Learn more about the different types of emergency contraceptives, how it works, and what they do.  Note: If you are already experiencing pregnancy symptoms, make an…
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Unplanned Pregnancy, Abortion, and the Holidays

While the holiday season can be filled with parties, decorations, cozy sweaters, and everything peppermint, if you’re facing a pregnancy decision or have an abortion scheduled, you’re probably feeling anything but festive. If you are wondering, Should I wait to make an appointment until after the holidays are over? – you are not alone. We’ll…
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Abortion Pressures

Abortion Pressures If you have learned you are pregnant, you may be feeling confused, alone, and afraid to tell your parents or your boyfriend. Because you are faced with one of the most important decisions you may make in your life, you may have questions about what to do next. At First Choice we want…
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Someone I Know Is Considering Abortion…What Do I Do?

Your friend, daughter or sister just told you she’s pregnant. You may be feeling all different emotions – shock, uncertainty and/or your own beliefs about her options about what she should do. You can be sure that she’s feeling all sorts of emotions, too. As her friend, you should be honored that she told you.…
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