Is Abortion Pill Regret Real?

Facing an unexpected pregnancy is an emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing experience. It’s a deeply personal decision created from the unexpected nature of the situation and its challenging circumstances. While some women initially feel relief with their choice, others immediately grapple with persistent feelings of regret. These emotional repercussions can linger for years or even…
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My Abortion Story…and How I Found Healing

Classic southern coastal living is how I was raised. I spent most of my youth amongst the dunes, marsh grass, and boardwalks of southeastern North Carolina. It’s a place where old historic downtowns seamlessly unfold into timeless southern beach getaways, where family secrets stay buried, and old money is sacred. My parents divorced when I…
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Choosing Between Adoption and Abortion | Kara’s Story

From my earliest memories, I always felt like I was on a journey, bouncing from home to home due to my parents’ remarriages and my stepdad’s military service. As a result, my relationship with my biological father was distant, and my stepdad’s military bearing cast shadows over my formative years. As a teenager, I was…
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From the Abortion Clinic to a Pregnancy Center: My Pregnancy Choice

I was already 10 weeks along when I took my first pregnancy test. I couldn’t believe I had let it happen or comprehend the enormity of the situation I found myself in. As a teen, I believed true freedom was found in knowing good and evil and tasting both. Driven by the desire to fill…
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Why Do I Need to Get Tested For STDs Before an Abortion?

It’s a subject no one likes to talk about. We get it. However, protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases and infections is a way you can protect the future you envision for yourself. While we advocate for getting tested anytime you have had unprotected sex or changed partners, ruling out an STD or STI before…
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4 Reasons to Start Here if Traveling to New Jersey for an Abortion

Your period is late, and your drugstore pregnancy test is positive. You are considering an abortion but live in a state where it is restricted or illegal. Fear and confusion have washed over you, and now you have crossed state lines seeking abortion services. You may feel overwhelmed, isolated, and unsure of where to turn…
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