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Along with free pregnancy testing, STI testing, and verification services, we provide answers on:

The Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion)​​​​
How late can it be taken? Can I order the abortion pill online?

In-clinic Abortion Procedures

How effective are in-clinic abortions? How much is an abortion in NJ?

Your Rights in New Jersey

When is the latest I can get an abortion? What are my pregnancy rights?

Unplanned Pregnancy

What are my options? Where can I get free help?

STIs/STDs and Sexual Health

When should I get tested? Does an STI impact an abortion procedure?

Google Reviews

“From the second I walked in until the second I left, I had a beyond wonderful and comfortable, memorable experience. They were EXTREMELY kind and nonjudgmental and helpful and informative. I never once felt like they were placing judgment on me or my situation.”
- Amy

“This was my first visit to the place and I felt so welcomed by the staff. The place was sparkling clean and the staff was too polite. Staff who was handling me showed so much care and attention, that I could see her feeling the same emotion as I did. She was so attentive and helpful.”
- Ishita

“It was an absolutely great experience of professional help and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. It’s really great to feel strong support in such a vulnerable moment in a private, productive atmosphere.”
- Maira

“They are so caring and kind at this facility. Definitely put my mind at ease and provided me with all the information I needed to deal with my situation. Please anyone if you are pregnant and looking for people to talk to they are definitely here for you.”
- Ari

“Feels like you are talking to a family member or friend talking to them. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend or anyone who just found out they are pregnant. This place should definitely be your first choice.”
- Sakeenah

“I went today afraid. When I walked in I was greeted by two ladies. I can not lie that they made my experience so comfortable. They were honest and open to all kinds of information. They explained to me all my options in the best way and I am so grateful!”
- Jenifer

“I had a lovely experience… It was a welcoming atmosphere and they take Covid precautions very seriously, as they should.”
- Star

“They are very welcoming and nice. It felt like a very comfortable place to talk and take a breather...I didn't feel scared or alone... I recommend to any woman going especially if you’re pregnant and not sure of choices.”
- Lindsey

I was satisfied with my visit to this clinic. The staff was able to not only assist me with the service that I needed, but also gave me advice and pamphlets after. Along with being a free clinic, they devoted their attention to me. Highly recommended clinic.
- Savanna

I had an excellent experience. The staff and the doctor were very kind to give a lot of information and the place is pretty nice too. Definitely, I would recommend this clinic.
- Tahira